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Be my Valentine!

With tomorrow being Valentine's Day. I have been thinking about how special days like this have perhaps been taken over by consumerism.

While I do not think there is anything wrong with giving gifts to that special person in your life, I really would like to encourage people to think carefully when choosing a token of affection.

Rather than add to the planet's increasing plastic pollution problem, why not buy your Valentine a plant?

There are many indoor plants that have beautiful heart-shaped leaves that may just do the trick, including String of Hearts (Ceropegia woodii), Heart-leafed Philodendron (Philodendron cordatum), Cyclamen (Cyclamen persicum) plus more!

Speaking about love, I adore anthuriums. Anthurium andraeanum, or the Flamingo Flower, would make a lovely gift. It has bright-red spathes that resemble hearts. Stunning!

The Flamingo Flower (Anthurium andraeanum) is my pick this Valentine's Day ((Image: Dryas 2013, Licensed under Creative Commons 3.0)

What's not to like about this beautiful indoor plant, I ask you? Hint, hint ... ;)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone xxx

A bientôt!


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