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Birth of a cube

Hi all, we are almost here and the cube we have designed for Blooming Tasmania's Flower and Garden Festival is ready. It just needs a bit of love and then it is done.

Before the result, I want to show you the start of this idea. First the concept, the cube, our logo. Yes I am an architect and I love cubes of course. How can you work with this shape? This is probably the first exercise in any school of architecture. So this is our starting point: the cube as an infinite shape, the base of a lot of fractal geometry, the cube in the cube and so on. Our cube concept is based on the Menger sponge.

The Menger sponge (Image: WIkipedia)

Secondly, how to go in and out of the cube, how to unfold it? That is when the second concept of a geometric ribbon comes into play.

For making this cube come to life, we decided to use plywood. This is a very versatile material. It is inexpensive, easy to cut and being flat, so easy to transport.

To make the components of the cube, all the design was generated in CAD and then cut via a CNC router.

And the plants! The cube is a kind of a big pot for plants, inside the cube (900 x 900 x 900mm) there are 27 smaller cubes (each 300 x 300 x 300mm). And all of this will be filled (with love).

We had some space left in the sheets of plywood, so we also designed stools and standing planters. This is another story. I will tell it to you the next time. And you will also hear more from Gabrielle about plant selection soon.

A bientôt,


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