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Hi. We are Gabrielle Stannus and Ludovic Vilbert, a creative couple with a passion for combining our horticultural and architectural skills. After working for others for many years, we are excited to start our professional journey together here in Tasmania. We like to do more with less. Who doesn’t want to save money and time and be more sustainable?

Gabrielle Stannus

• Diploma of Conservation & Land Management

• Bachelor of Social Science (Environment) with Distinction

• Master of Urban Horticulture​

If you have a garden and a library you have everything you need - Cicero

When I’m not out working in a garden, I love reading and writing about all things horticultural, blogging for the Interior Plantscape Association and now for you here! Developing a strong research ethic whilst completing my Master of Urban Horticulture at the University of Melbourne, I value independent, credible advice. My horticultural interests are many, including indoor plants, green roofs and walls, and productive (i.e. edible) gardens. After many years away, I am enjoying being back in Tasmania, seeing family more often and catching up with old friends. Although I couldn’t bring my indoor plants here (quarantine!), I now have an excuse to start a new collection. Stay tuned for news of my “acquisitions”.

PS. Cicero forgot one thing! I would add a quiet drink at the end of the day, especially after labouring in that garden.

Ludovic Vilbert

• Diploma of Building Design

• Bachelor of Architecture

• Master of Architecture

I don't divide architecture, landscape and gardening; to me they are one - Luis Barragan

I studied architecture in France and worked as an architect there for five years. Several years ago, I travelled to Australia, attracted by its great outdoors and unique native flora and fauna. Upon my arrival in Melbourne, I was employed as a Builder’s Labourer, before gaining a full-time position as an architect with a top architectural firm. Having worked hard on a residential building site, I began to understand the practical challenges in realising a design that are not necessarily evident when sitting behind a desk. I also started to miss working outdoors on practical projects. Now it is time for me to take the opportunity to work on the things I love. It is great to be outside in contact with nature again, working on integrating gardens together with buildings.

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