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Hi. We are Gabrielle Stannus and Ludovic Vilbert, a creative couple with a passion for combining our horticultural and architectural skills and experience. We are Building and Landscape Designers who care about our planet. We will help you to do more with less. Who does not want to save money and time and be more sustainable?


As designers, it is our mission to be part of a circular economy that designs out waste and pollution, keeps products and materials in use, and regenerates natural systems. We firmly believe that one planet living is possible without sacrificing comfort. We are not afraid to think outside the box and to do things differently.


If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need 

- Cicero

My qualifications

  • Diploma of Conservation          & Land Management

  • Bachelor of Social Science (Environment) with Distinction

  • Master of Urban Horticulture


​​​​I don't divide architecture, landscape and gardening; to me they are one

- Luis Barragan

My qualifications

  • Diploma of Building Design

  • Bachelor of Architecture

  • Master of Architecture

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