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Passive solar home


Frederic and Henria are a busy young couple seeking to reduce their environmental impact. After purchasing a piece of land in central France, they sought our help to design their new home in which they plan to raise their two young children. New French regulations coming into effect mean that all buildings need to produce more energy than they consume. Therefore, Fred and Henria’s new home must be ‘Energy Positive’, essentially what we think of here in Australia as a passive house. We have incorporated a large mudbrick wall, akin to a Trombe Wall, as a thermal mass in the centre of the house. A pergola on the house’s southern side (this is the northern hemisphere!) will be planted with deciduous climbers to help cool the house during summer, whilst allowing light and therefore heat inside and onto the central mudbrick wall during winter. Energy-saving features also include mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) and a heat pump with a Canadian Wheel. Rooftop solar panels and insulation are included as standards.

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