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A breath of fresh air on the IPA board!

Having just launched our own business, things are going to get even that little busier now that I have been elected as Secretary of the Interior Plantscape Association. Now that is a nice sort of busy if you ask me!

The Interior Plantscape Association is a not- for- profit organisation representing members across Australia and New Zealand. Members include indoor plant hire firms, maintenance companies, designers, allied traders and information providers; e.g., potting media manufacturers, container manufacturers, green wall companies and more.

I am thrilled to be part of an organisation supporting this industry. I joined this association because I believe that the benefits that plants bring to indoor spaces are so important that they need to be shared more widely in a strategic manner. Having reputable businesses that can design, install and maintain attractive and healthy interior plantscapes is critical if we want the industry to grow and customers to benefit.

Click here to read why I became interested in indoor plants and to learn some of the reasons why you should too!

PS. Ludovic and I are heading to Melbourne on Wednesday morning to attend the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, what is affectionately known as “MIFGS” in the industry. We will also be working at the Australian Landscape Conference. A busy few days indeed! But we will be sure to share some news and photos of what’s happening there with you. So stay tuned.

A bientôt!


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