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Blooming Tasmania!

Now before you tell me off for uncouth language, it must be said that Peter Cundall, legendary local gardening guru, is well-known for throwing the "b" word into pretty much every second sentence. Okay so I may be slightly exaggerating!

So what does Blooming Tasmania have to do with us here at Inwardout Studio? Well, Blooming Tasmania is the industry body for garden tourism operators in Tasmania. As well as promoting Tasmania’s unique garden attractions, they actively seek to raise standards and assist the development of member properties.

For the last few years, Blooming Tasmania have held an annual Flower and Garden Festival at Albert Hall, Launceston. And we have decided to have a stall there to promote our garden design work. Not just any old trestle table and chairs for us though! Check out our concept below...

Our concept for our stall at Blooming Tasmania's Flower and Garden Festival.

This indicative drawing will give you an idea of what we hope to present to festival-goers on 22-23 September 2018.

Pencil the dates into your diary now. We will share more information about our stall and the festival closer to the date.

A bientôt!


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