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Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Tired of the same old plant palette being presented for interior plantscapes, I recently went looking for 'new' indoor plants. What I found in my research were some species commonly used outdoors that can be considered for temporary use indoors. Here in Tasmania, we are accustomed to bringing in some plants to overwinter indoors given our climatic conditions. However, we don't necessarily think of these species as being "indoor plants". Well, let that attitude change!

Check out the Anthurium schlechtendalii pictured below. Whilst anthuriums are already well-known and commonly used indoors, it is usually for the 'floral' effect provided by their spathes and spadices, which are similar to the popular Peace Lilies (Spathiphyllum spp.). However, it is the foliage of A. schlechtendalii (Pheasant’s Tail) that really catches the viewer's eye. Its leaves possess prominent midribs and lateral veins making it a striking addition to an interior plantscape . And its long, slender brown spadix is also quite attractive. Growing to 1.5m wide, this epiphyte is suitable for indoors use and even on a patio. A. schlechtendalii can be used for temporary and even permanent installation indoors as a potted plant.

So if you are seeking to 'freshen up' your indoor garden with a temporary new look, check out some other plant suggestions from the Interior Plantscape Association members I interviewed. Click here to read my full Hort Journal article on pages 34-35.

A bientôt!

Anthurium schlechtendalii (Image: Big Leaf Wholesale Nurseries)


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