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Digital plants

Today, we are happy to show you another part of what we can do at Inwardout Studio ... 'digital' plants!

If you are an architect, interior designer or horticulturist seeking different ways to visualise your concepts, you may want to check out our new collection of 'digital' plants. We have started to build these 3D models for use in our visualisation.

You can view our collection online on Sketchfab or check out a few examples below.

Kokedama and Lemon Button Fern

Kokedama dreaming!

Kokedama with Epipremnum 'Aureum'

Kokedama with Epipremnum 'Aureum'

And of course, last but not least: Terry the Taro!

Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any special requests for new plants to add to our collection.

And keep looking on our Sketchfab page, as we will add one new plant there every week.


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