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Flat chat, flat-packing

Wow, the last fortnight has just flown by! Where has the time gone? We have been busy putting together the final details for our display at Blooming Tasmania's Flower and Garden Festival.

Our Cube is going public this Saturday and Sunday (22-23 September 2018) at Albert Hall, Launceston. Two days away! So tonight I am giving you a sneak preview of what to expect if you are planning to attend.

We have assembled and disassembled the Cube several times now. Well, credit mostly goes to Ludovic for doing the majority of this work. He is pretty much a flat pack legend now. Look out Ikea!

About to hit the road to Launceston with the Cube

Here is the final planting plan for the Cube. We have had a few hick ups along the way. The latest was discovering what looked like Bacterial Leaf Spot on our Taro plant. Luckily it was isolated to only one leaf. However that had to come off. We could not risk infecting the rest of the plant or our display.

We have learnt a lot by having a go at creating this display. I think it is important to keep challenging your knowledge. You will never know what you will come up with if you stay within your comfort zone!

Speaking about comfort, I am desperate to get to my warm and cosy bed. I have had some seriously late nights this week, working on this and other projects. Last night was 4am! It would be great to get to bed before midnight tonight, so I am keeping this post short.

However, before I sign off, I would like to say a big thanks to our sponsors who have helped us to create this display:

Thanks Chris for donating the beautiful Live Picture, Deltini, Zoie Anouk and Maxi-Cubi planters to our 'cause'.

Thanks Gabe for donating a whole box of your informative magazines for us to give away to Festival-goers.

Thanks Elaine for your wonderful support in helping us to connect with our sponsors.

Finally, we really hope to see you all at the Festival! It is a big weekend for us and we would really love to share it with those of you able to make it.

A bientôt!


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