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Friend not foe: Insects and geckos helping defend the US

How can an insect or a gecko help American defence, you may be asking? And potentially horticulture at the same time?

Sceptical? Well, I was a little too when researching for my latest article for the Nursery and Garden Industry Australia's National Nursery News newsletter.

However, I found out that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) creates breakthough technologies and capabilities for national security. Threats to food crops are seen as posing significant risks to the security of the USA.

So how does an insect help? Click here to read my article to find out more on DARPA's work and its potential application in horticulture. Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction!

The Z-Man Geckskin took its inspiration from a gecko (Image: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency [DARPA])


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