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Green walls ... look behind the facade

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Green walls are becoming more popular as more people living in smaller spaces in urban environments look to green whatever space they have available.

Patric Blanc, a French botanist, is credited with inventing the modern green wall, or what the French call "Mur Végétal". Blanc and his team have created some stunning displays including the eye-catching One Central Park, Sydney.

Other businesses here in Australia and also internationally are following this trend with green walls installed in more and more indoor and outdoor settings. Installers make various claims about not only the aesthetic, but also the environmental and health benefits of these walls, often without really having done the science.

Green walls based on science (Image: Junglefy)

But a word of caution, if you want a green wall that truly improves your #indoorairquality engage a designer who understands how such a system works scientifically. Some businesses spruik the benefits of their #greenwalls without fully understanding how plant or substrate selection influences the take up of indoor air pollutants.

To find out more about how green walls , read my latest article "A breath of fresh air in the green wall industry" in the April issue of Hort Journal Australia. Skip to pages 28 to 29 to get to the good bits ;)

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