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Spring has sprung!

Given our recent absence from the blogosphere, some of you are probably wondering if we had gone back into hibernation. We have been super busy with events and displays over the last six weeks. It's only now that we are catching our breath and realising that spring has well and truly sprung!

So what have we been up to during that time? Firstly, we exhibited at Blooming Tasmania's Flower and Garden Festival at Albert Hall on 22-23 September. Ludovic's unique Cube display, stool and planters certainly attracted a lot of attention at this event. Memo to selves: Next time make enough planters so we can sell them on the day! It is not to late to put an order in if you are interested.

Our display at Blooming Tasmania's Flower and Garden Festival

Our plant stands at Blooming Tasmania's Flower and Garden Festival proved a hit. Here they are seen basking in the sun in City Park, Launceston.

Three weeks later, we were once again back at Albert Hall for the Tamar Sustainable Living Expo on Saturday 13 October. Whilst we did bring along our Cube, I was way too busy coordinating the event to be able to staff our display. Yes we also manage events! We generally don't like to put up static displays without someone to accompany them to answer questions from those people wanting to know more. So we decided to offer a garden design prize as part of the Expo Passport competition to make up for it. We'll be conducting the site inspection for the lucky winner of that prize next Saturday.

Our display at the Tamar Sustainable Living Expo. We focused on providing information on how indoor plants can help clean indoor air and improve your mental well-being, a great connection the sustainable living theme of the Expo. On another note, kids just loved our stools, and so did many adults.

So what else is coming up?

This Sunday, we are heading out to Entally House for Gardenfest 2018. This time though we are not coordinating the event and/or exhibiting in it! We will be there seeking plants, and checking out local arts and crafts. Gardenfest will also be open on Saturday too, if you are inclined to attend. However, we will be busy checking out the Liffey Valley Market for local seedlings and honey that morning, before lending a hand weeding at the nearby Oura Oura Reserve.

And the following Sunday (18 November), we will be heading out to the Festival of Roses at the historic Woolmers Estate near Longford. Now I am not normally inclined to "take time out to smell the roses"! Yes, I do enjoy slowing down and relaxing. However, roses are not especially my favourite plant. However, in the interest of research, I will be heading out to Woolmers to explore their gardens. With over 80 stalls ranging from wine, food, jewellery, art and crafts, I think I will find something I like! And I may be lucky enough to catch up with gardening guru, Angus Stewart, who now lives in Tasmania. Angus has been in Western Australia recently experiencing that state's beautiful wildflower displays. Jealous!!!

We have also been busy growing and buying seedlings for our own summer vegetable garden. Believe it or not, the silverbeet we planted in November last year has only just started to "bolt". So we have been able to harvest its fresh leaves all throughout winter. So fresh and delicious! We'll hopefully get a few more weeks out of it as I pinched out its growing tips to stop flowers being produced just yet. Although this year, Ludovic wants to put in the more colourful rainbow chard instead. But first we have to harvest our garlic in early December. Fingers crossed, we'll have over 50 bulbs to collect and store for use next year.

Everlasting silverbeet? Maybe not, but it certainly has stayed the distance! And we can't wait to harvest our garlic soon.

So we're not letting this warmer weather get away from us! We'll be out and about in our own and other gardens over the coming months. Stay tuned for details of what is inspiring us and also tips for your own gardens.

A bientôt!


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