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Primary School 


Perth Primary School sought our help to transform an asphalt quadrangle into a more productive and playful learning place for their teachers and students.


In our concept design, students (and teachers!) can make their way around the reimagined quadrangle through a series of formal and informal paths, encouraging them to participate in different activities along the way. Spaces have been designed to give students the opportunity to partake in active or quiet play as they would like, including a sensory sanctuary.  Whilst allowing the students to feel like they are getting away from it all, the design of these new zones allows for teachers and their assistants to survey these sites passively without entering directly into them, e.g., strategic placement of low-to medium height plants that adults can see over. Aluminium seating is replaced with timber benches and logs, depending on the space.


Coniferous groundcovers are replaced with similarly robust indigenous and native plants that withstand the hurly-burly of the schoolyard and the site’s diverse microclimates, creating a variety of habitats to attract a range of animals, including nectar and seed-feeding birds, lizards, bees, insects, and butterflies (do not worry; we did not forget their caterpillars!). A series of raised wicking beds allows for food crops to be grown with minimal watering, whilst fruit and herbs can be harvested from other parts of the garden. We even included an ‘orchard’! Play equipment made from natural materials features, including a much-desired teepee.

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