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Hemp House garden


Sean and Mandy are a couple committed to living sustainably and helping others do the same. They approached us to design their garden for their new Westbury Hemp House after meeting us at the 2018 Tamar Sustainable Living Expo. Sean and Mandy wanted us to design the 'bones' of the garden, which they could then flesh out over time according to their budget and ability to source reusable and/or recycled materials as required. They were happy to include a mix of native and exotic species, and responsive to our suggestions to include what we like to refer to as edible ornamentals. We retained the existing maple tree (Acer sp.) to let light into the yard during winter, and onto the concrete slab below the house which acts as a thermal mass. Edible grapes will drape an archway along the northern fence, providing shade during summer without blocking winter light to this slab. We oriented a series of raised beds to receive as much solar access as possible. A series of unique gabion pillars will frame a trellis along the front fence line, upon which peach, quince and apple trees will be trained.

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