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‘Take-away’ garden


Just because you are renting a house, it does not mean you cannot have a beautiful garden that suits your needs. We helped Patricia gain her landlord’s approval for her garden works by producing a simple plan that showed exactly what she wanted to do and where. It also helped that all elements of this design are removable and have minimum impact on the existing garden layout. This garden design features four wicking beds in which Patricia can grow her own food. Patricia was keen to reuse existing materials to make these beds. These beds will be made from reused intermediate bulk container (IBC) tanks clad with paling fence salvaged when the property’s boundary fence was upgraded. Second-hand pavers will be sourced to create temporary paths. A potted olive tree screens a cosy nook, whilst a potted lemon basks in the warmth of its north-facing position. If Patricia ever decides to move house, the beds, pavers and potted trees can be moved with minimum fuss to her new home.

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